Terrestrial Mosaics

The photographs belong distinct locations of Earth taken from the International Space Station by the astronaut Thomas Pesquet.

Inspiration for the future architects

Arckit is the name with which the architectural model system is known by. This system was created for the new generation of architects. Everyone from toddlers, teens, to adults can enjoy building with Arckit, which is for the moment a project that was launched through a Kickstarter campaign. 


Featured in The Garret

The Garret is a Half & Twice project, a creative studio from Madrid with a lot of passion for design. They select distinguishable products to present them on their website. We have had the opportunity of being on their list with our Pocket Guide of the Sol y Palacio neighborhood which we made in collaboration with Ricardo Cavolo.

Get into the jungle

The Industrial Spain

Few people appreciate the beauty that can be  found in the industrial areas. Maybe because they were not created to be pretty, or maybe because we never stop to contemplate them for the appropriate amount of time. This is just what Mark Rammers does in his project "Extra Ordinary", a series of photographic series of this immense zone of the suburbs which embrace a wide collection of architecture, forms, and colors, where brutality, minimalism, and the greyest urbanism are found in the city. On several occasions, they turn into a particularly beautiful combination that only an expert eye could capture.


Interview with Seiyu

The guys from Seiyu Madrid came to visit us at our studio-workshop. We were chatting about Walk With Me while took the coolest photos. You have to visit their webpage to see all of their interviews.

Summer is almost here

Amanda and Enrique were with us a couple of weeks ago around Malasaña. Amanda is an interior designer and is currently studying. In these photos with our tote backpack blue and the bucket bag beige.

Enrique is the owner of one of the most brilliant coffee shops of Madrid. Chilling Coffee is without a doubt the vegan coffee shop with the tastiest brunch (which he serves Saturdays and Sundays from 10am- 2pm) in his marvelous shop on Calle Estella 5, next to Plaza Luna, in Malasaña. For this session, he modeled our Blue and Beige  Laptop bags.

Colorful is how it goes

For the rationalist architect Alberto Sartoris  color has, first of all and above all, a practical function. In his marvelous axonometric-  the repetition of three-dimensional figures of his buildings on paper which he publicized in serigraphs- Sartoris ends the hierarchy of plants, elevators, and sections representation by advocating for a global vision of the building. For this he utilized colors, with which differentiated the different parts that this building was going to have. In this way obtaining as a result drawings of huge educational and esthetical value.     

Nobutaka Aozaki's maps

In these Google Map times, few people stop to ask for directions. However, conceptual artist Nobutaka Aozaki proposed himself to not let the beautiful art of map drawings on pieces of paper die. His goal was to create a partial map of Manhattan by going off of the doodles that pedestrians gave him when he asked them for directions. Napkins, receipts, or any other piece of paper worked to create his project. 'From Here to There'.

JOTO. The interactive board that lets you draw whatever you ask it to

Say bye to the drawing boards and markers, to chalks and sticky notes to leave messages. JOTO is a robotic board that draws in the moment whatever you ask it to, from a message to a work of art. It works through an app that translates the texts and images that you send from your computer or smartphone to ink drawings, converting a simple screen to the coolest interactive board. JOTO has already reached its goal on Kickstarter and we are wanting to get one. You can check out their project here .