Who we are

Founded in 2012 by husband-and-wife team Pablo Baqué & Deira

Reina, Walk with me is also a lifestyle and travel brand. With stockists

in Spain and the UK, Walk with me designs, produces, and distributes:

maps, pocket guides, handmade bags & accessories, stationery,

frames... everything under the same idea: Discover and live in cities

with a unique perspective.



Co-Founder + Product Designer

The hands that make the Walk with Me products a reality. She designs the prototypes and converts them into tangible objects in the workshop. Her natural habitat is the organized chaos and admits that organizing makes her dizzy, that’s probably why you will always find her looking for something, whether it be keys, wallet, or that piece of cloth she was sure she had left on the table just a minute ago. She is happy on roller skates but also eating and watching all the  

series of the world. 


Sales Manager Spain

You will always find him on the phone walking back and forth in the office meanwhile distracting the personnel. He can do so because everyone likes him and because he is the life of the party. It’s hard for him to leave the office, he will never accept no for an answer, and his favorite hobby is to sign contracts. Or at least that’s what he says, but we know that sometimes paperwork will appear and he will put his apron on and will prepare something exquisite.



Addicted to the Excel tables and another fanatic of order. Everything around her must be organized in advance (waaaay in advance), if not, she will start to make strange faces or exaggeratedly raise a complaint. There is a reason why  and it’s because once she overwhelms herself she turns hyperactive and there is no one who can understand her with how fast she talks. It’s also not convenient to irritate her because there where you see her, she can be real scary. Luckily, this does not happen very often. She also escapes for a while to buy office material, with a session of fit boxing or watching some kind series.


Co-Founder + CEO

The brain that is behind all the ideas that are later materialized in the Walk with me workshop (and of some of the ones that are left out). What he most likes in this world is to walk around and even more so if it’s with Deira and Otto’s company. That is if it's without rushing and with good timing. He has a helping soul, and you will make him happy if you ask him to assemble furniture or to fix anything. He can also water the plants for you if you go on vacation since he   has a reputation for being a super nice   person. You can return the favor by inviting him out to eat a good Cuban rice or sushi with lots and lots of soy sauce.  


Graduated in multitasking and part-time yogi, she admits being a fanatic of order and incapable of concentrating without classifying all the pens on the table by color. She is always willing to give a hand, and when she starts something, she does not stop until she finishes. Sometimes, she closes her eyes  in the office and dreams of summer, the beach, and frozen yogurt. When she opens her eyes again, it's probably to buy something on the internet.   And in a short time, she will close them again to meditate for a while. OMMM.


Manager UK

There is no doubt that the coffee sector of London is largely supported in part thanks to him. He has the habit of writing everything that passes through his head and tends to work until late at night listening to the radio. It can be said that you will often see him dressed to go running but don't let him fool you, in the end, he never does. He prefers  to build furniture with his own hands or read a book in the park (something that, keeping in mind he lives in the London, he can only do once a year).  


Graphic Designer- Project Manager UK

She traded Barcelona for London and is now the compass in the United Kingdom. There you can find her in anything that deals with visual arts, humanities, and communication, which are the three greatest passions of her life.


Digital Marketing

“If I don't write it, it doesn't exist”-This could be her life motto. Due to this, you will always find her hugging her notebook where absolutely EVERYTHING that deals with her job is. Whatever doesn't fit in her notebook she ends up writing it on sticky notes and   filling everything around her with them. She admits that her life revolves around Spotify and her week gets significantly better if she gets to go to at least one concert. She also has a sewing machine where she creates a couple of small wonders.    


The Pilot Dog

Even though it might appear like he sleeps almost all day, our guardian dog controls everything in his surroundings (especially the  cats in the area). It can be said that he sleeps with one eye open, like a samurai. Besides the cats, he also roams around the workshop, warehouse, and frequently passes the office to say hi. Yoga level-expert.


The Design Studio

Walk with me is a design studio specialized in designing uniquely tailored maps and guides as well as creating hand-made bags and accessories. We have collaborated with over 20 international illustrators to create our London, Barcelona, and Madrid map collections. Some of our current design partnerships include Heineken, Cannes Lions, and Barcelona Council.  

Materials and Resources

Without a doubt, this is one of the most important parts of our project. Sustainability and durability are key for what we represent. We want to create products that can stay with you forever while always respecting the environment. This is why our backpacks and bags are made from 100% organic cotton (which is treated with resin to make the fabric waterproof). Likewise, all our accessories are produced with material that takes advantage of leather scraps by mixing them with natural Latex to obtain an eco-friendly fabric that is flexible and at the same time robust, with a very distinctive texture.  

Our Workshop

We design, make sewing patterns, prototypes, and start over with a single unique idea in mind: to develop a product for people like you. This is why we spend a lot of time testing our designs on different people so we can be sure that when you use a Walk with me bag, it will  meet all your needs.


Here at Walk with me, we collaborate with local illustrators to develop maps of the most renowned ne ighborhoods in London, Barcelona, and Madrid. To date, we have collaborated with more than 20 international illustrators, illustrating neighborhoods in each city.


We print run our products in Spain, more specifically in the Basque Region. Thanks to our good friend Dani, who has more than once corrected our mistakes before entering the presser, we can quickly control all the processes.  


Lastly, there are some products that we do not produce. This is the case for our magnetic frames. These are produced on the outskirts of Madrid, more specifically in Valdemoro in Ezequiel’s workshop. He, as a good woodworker and wood expert, has recommended us improvements and has helped us offer a product that you can use to hang your maps in the perfect place. 

Publications, Clients & Workshops

Walk With Me Studio

Walk with me is also a lifestyle and travel brand. With stockists in Spain and the UK, Walk with me produces and distributes: maps, accessories, bags, stationery, frames... everything under the same idea: Discover and live in cities with a unique perspective. To find out more about our brand or purchase our products click here.


We would like to send you the latest news about our projects, exhibitions, and events. If you are interested please follow the link and add your name on the list.

Workshops and Talks

We have participated in a number of workshops and talks at the following Universities and creative events:

Workshop at the University of Hertfordshire, England – 2017

Workshop at 180 Creative Camp, Portugal – 2015

Workshop at the Universidad Europea, Madrid – 2015

Worskhop at IED Instituto Europeo di Design, Madrid - 2014