Meet: Natalia Vico



This Madrid born artist is now based in Switzerland and spends her creative time as a freelance illustrator specializing in design and advertising.

This fall we will be working closely with Natalia and we cannot wait to introduce you to her, her artistry, and undeniable talent! 

Get to know Natalia more:

What is your background?

I have always drawn, and I have known for a long time that I wanted to work in the creative field. I have been working some years as an art director in advertising and doing some branding and graphic design.

But then I realized that working in an agency wasn´t really my thing. I was always trying to give an artistic point of view to all my projects, looking for doing more manual things, far from the screen. So illustration came as a natural thing.


What does your art aim to say?

I think there is something delicate in my painting. I like to paint women in their context, usually interiors, with plants and flowers. Always very colorful, with sunlight and shadows, maybe as an influence of the light of Spain.

My illustrations don´t have necessarily a message, not right now at least. Sometimes they can inspire calm or positive vibes, another more melancholia or irony.


Who are/what are your biggest influences?

When it comes to painting, I’m inspired by many things. Interior design is one of the main ones. I love to discover nice interiors and objects to incorporate them into my paintings. Cinema is also very inspiring for me. Sometimes I use a color palette from a set, or I listen to a movie soundtrack while painting.

There is also a component of fashion in my paintings. I like to portray women with beautiful clothes of designers that inspire me like Jacquemus or del Pozo.


What current art world trends are you following?

In fact, I like to follow more of the classic ones...Picasso, Gauguin, Pierre Boncompain, Matisse, Hopper. But, of course, I want to see what´s going on now, discovering so many talented artists. I attracted by this actual trend of love for the south-ish esthetic, Mediterranean light, warm colors and nostalgia from the 80s-90s aesthetic.


What is your dream project?

Create some paintings for the set of an Almodovar´s movie :)



Stay tuned to find out more details on Natalia’s pop-up in our flagship store!